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My company produces amphoteric ion polyacrylamide is a cationic monomer, acrylamide monomer, hydrolysis agent from the copolymer. Is a molecular chain both positive charge, but also negative charge anionic amphiphilic polymer.


product code

Cationic degree %

Anionic degrees %

Solid content%

Residual monomer content%

Insoluble matter content %

Size of the particles

Dissolve time(h)

NP — 5000



≥ 88

≤ 0.05

≤ 0.2

Particle size greater than m≤5%
Particle size less than 0.2mm≤5%


Note: 1. The concentration of NP-5000 series products is generally 0.05-0.1%, and the dissolution time is ≤2 hours at room temperature.
     2, the product packaging with international standards of environmental protection three paper a membrane valve pocket, the standard package is 25KG / bag, can also be packaged according to user needs.
The main purpose:
1, oil with water plugging profile control agent: The extensive use of oil field has proved that the amphiphilic polymer performance than other plugging water control agent.
2, as a new type of water treatment flocculant: NP-5000 itself has the role of zwitterions, it can complete the coordination of anion and cation without any pollutants. Especially in the water quality is more complex or water properties often change the area, the use of the agent more convenient and better.
Sludge Dewatering Agent: Zwitterionic polyacrylamide is used as a special sludge dewatering agent, which is superior to the single ion characteristic polyacrylamide after being subjected to dehydration test and use of various sludge.

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