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Polyacrylamide (referred to as PAM) is acrylamide (AM) monomer obtained by free radical polymerization. Polyacrylamide as a linear water-soluble polymer, because of its unique functional group structure, it has many valuable properties, and has a wide range of applications. Oilfield is currently the most widely used polyacrylamide market, mainly used in drilling, oil production, water shutoff, profile control, acidification, fracturing and so on.
In water treatment, the main flocculant for water purification and various wastewater treatment. Polyacrylamide is currently the most widely used in the world, the highest performance polymer organic synthetic flocculant, is currently the most widely used floc
Coagulant. Compared with the traditional inorganic flocculant, it has the advantages of more variety, adaptability to various conditions, small dosage, high efficiency, less generated residue and convenient post-treatment. In addition, different polyacrylamide products are also widely used in papermaking, smelting, mineral processing, food processing, building materials, chemical coatings, soil improvement, electroplating, textile printing and dyeing and other industries.
The key to the suitability of the product is to design a reasonable process route according to the conditions and requirements of the application and to introduce appropriate ionic groups into the product to adjust its molecular structure (such as molecular weight, degree of hydrolysis, etc.), so as to obtain satisfactory product. Dongying Light Chemical Co., Ltd. is the use of chemical catalysis technology acrylonitrile hydration into acrylamide, and then using the pre-alkali homopolymerization co-hydrolysis process, copolymerization process, associative process and self-assembly process, in the polymerization process by adding a variety of Different monomers to get anionic, cationic, zwitterionic, non-ionic polyacrylamide products and its series of modified products. Our main production enterprises codenamed NP - 1000, NP - 2000, NP - 3000 and NP - 4000, NP - 6000 series of products, its comprehensive index and performance to meet or exceed similar products at home and abroad, some Technical indicators of products in the world's leading level.
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