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Founded in April 2001, Dongying Guangzheng Chemical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company that produces fine chemical products such as acrylamide and polyacrylamide series and other oil additives. The company is located in the northern part of Shandong Province in the Yellow River Delta region of Dongying City, east and north Bohai Sea, adjacent to the west and Binzhou City, south and Zibo, Weifang, bordering the two cities, sea, land and air transport very convenient.

    At the beginning of the establishment of the company, it took the new technology and high technology as the basis for the survival and development of the enterprise, operated in accordance with the rules of the modern enterprise system, and has a sound corporate governance structure. At present, the company has established two production facilities with an annual output of 5,000 tons of polyacrylamide. The company owns and masters a number of proprietary technologies of polyacrylamide series products, including the third polymer used in oilfields, polyacrylamide products, Salt polyacrylamide production technology, as well as water treatment, papermaking and textile, coal washing and metallurgical industries widely used anionic, cationic, zwitterionic series of products such as the production technology. Enterprises now have 30 million yuan in fixed assets, more than 300 workers, of whom more than 120 engineering and technical personnel, professional and technical personnel and management staff of more than 40%.

      Produced by the temperature salt-resistant polyacrylamide oil field three mining use, production equipment from October 2001 to start production and normal production, the product through the geological evaluation of the field after entering the site to try. After several months of use data tracking, product quality is stable and reliable. Under the same dosage of dry powder, the injection concentration of mother liquor and single well is higher than that of other products at home and abroad at present. The aging solution fully satisfies the requirement of field injection, and has strong anti-shear ability Shear rate less than 5%). Fully meet the injection polymerization requirements, to ensure the injection of the mother liquor and single well viscosity, the amount significantly lower than other products (in the indoor evaluation, the company's products at 1000ppm concentration of the solution apparent viscosity reaches and surpasses the same conditions ordinary poly Acrylamide apparent viscosity of the solution at a concentration of 1500ppm, but in practice, due to the quantitative requirements of the concentration of the field, the tracking test, compared with other products, the actual amount of about 15-20% reduction). At present, our company has been a continuous supply of major oil fields for many years, the annual supply of more than 8,000 tons, with the CNPC formed a stable supply and demand for the long-term use of anti-temperature salt polymer flooding effect inspection The reliable material assurance, but also for the further expansion of polyacrylamide products laid a good foundation.

      The synthesis of acrylamide monomer of our company is based on the chemical synthesis of acrylonitrile as raw material. It can completely reduce the cost and improve the product competition by adopting the process of adding alkali and homopolymerization to polymerize the raw materials, and can realize the production of many kinds of products on the same production line ability. Companies for different geological conditions of oil and water treatment and other industries on the different needs of polyacrylamide products, set up a special institute, and with a number of university research institutions to establish cooperative relations, with strong research and development capabilities, can choose And the development of different polymerization monomer, product quality is stable and controllable, and pay close attention to the international advanced technology trends, and constantly develop new technologies, product quality to the international advanced level, exported to Europe and the United States, in water treatment and other aspects of a wide range The application for the company to open up foreign markets, to maintain a steady, sustainable development takes a solid step forward.

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