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With polyacrylamide sewage treatment less, high efficiency, is unmatched by other flocculants. Sewage treatment of polyacrylamide monomer from the polymerization of acrylamide, is a water-soluble linear polymer flocculant. With the formation of floc speed, floc large, resistant to crushing and shearing, into a group of good, easy with the filter cloth stripping and so on. Applicable to all kinds of sewage purification flocculation settling, sedimentation clarification and other fields.
    Different sludge dosage cationic polyacrylamide PAM amount is not the same, and suitable PAM is not the same, some need anion, and some need cation. In the selection of polyacrylamide before measuring the charge properties of the sludge, according to the nature of sludge charge to determine the selection of PAM. First of all look at the characteristics of sludge, which type of wastewater sludge? General activated sludge dewatering PAM is usually cationic.
    Polyacrylamide solution is usually 0.1%, dissolving and mixing time is longer, the solid PAM preparation usually stir for more than 1 hour, dehydration and sludge volume in the absence of sludge sample experiment suggested 20mg / L wet sludge (ie, concentrated Sludge, generally concentrated sludge does not reach 97% moisture content, usually more than 99%), dosing equipment, especially metering pump type can be appropriate to put some margin, in order to adjust. Generally used in the dewatering of anaerobic sludge is anionic PAM, which is more common in printing and dyeing plants, and non-ionic is generally used in electrolytic treatment.
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